The Complete Love Records Singles 1969-1975 7" BOX BLUE

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Svart Records, blue vinyl, 6 x 7", At first...
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Svart Records, blue vinyl, 6 x 7", At first glance, a singles collection from a progressive rock band seems a bit bizarre. How many singles box sets from prog rock bands have you seen? When the songs might last 10 minutes or more, it’s somewhat difficult to fit the material into a one 7” single. Of course a couple of long tracks could fit into a 12” single designed for DJ use, but it doesn’t really make any sense. Like most prog bands, Wigwam released only a handful of singles during its existence. Most of the single tracks didn’t end up on any of the albums and have been very hard to find. In many cases their single material differed from the album material and wouldn’t have found its place on an lp. Throughout the band’s existence, Wigwam balanced between artsy prog rock and pop rock. This six-single collection somewhat perfectly summarizes Wigwam’s different phases.

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