Vomiting Corpses - The 90s Regurgitations 4CD CLAMSHELL BOX

Dissonance, 51 track 4 disc box set from...
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Dissonance, 51 track 4 disc box set from Spanish death metal heroes Avulsed featuring four early releases from the band’s formative years, with bonus tracks. Formed in 1991 in Madrid, Spain, and led from the beginning by David ‘Rotten’ Gonzalez, Avulsed released three well received demos and their ‘Carnivoracity’ 7” before finally unleashing their debut album in 1996. The band then took the unusual step of releasing a remix album mixing techno and death metal, before recording the ‘Stabwound Orgasm’ album, a record which brought them international recognition. Avulsed remain active, having released six further albums since these recordings.

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