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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, As of...
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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, As of now, most die hard French metal collectors must be familiar with one of the bands of the first wave of French heavy metal, TNT, through the amazing 2009 vinyl edition of the now defunct French label Memoire Neuve that featured a collection of almost all songs that that charismatic band had released. Given that no official CD version of these recordings had been released, we made an agreement with the band through Laurent Ramadier (whose interview with the band is featured in its entirety in this edition) and we are releasing the ultimate edition of this classic, that will feature 12 songs with remastered sound and many great photos of the time. This is also an enhanced CD containing video footage of TNT performing live the song "Le Tueur De Fous". Taken from the episode "Dynamite Et Compagnie" of the French crime show "Les Cinq Dernières Minutes", filmed in 1981. You can view it on your computer. Limited to 500 copies. TRACK LISTING: 1. Sexy Girl 2. Hey Toi! 3. Star 4. Elle 5. Longue Route 6. Les Bars 7. Cherche 8. Le Tueur De Fous 9. Instrumental Rehearsal At Ferber Studios 1981 10. Le Tueur De Fous (Alternate Version) 11. Longue Route (Alternate Version) 12. Untitled Track

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