Posthumous Remorse CD+DVD

Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, 41 (!)...
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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, 41 (!) years since its original release on cassette, the very first same-titled demo recording of the French heavy metallers DEMON EYES will finally be released on vinyl and CD with tons of bonus songs. Disc 1 features their '83 show at Theatre Jean Vilar, Suresnes as bonus and on top of that you will also get an extra DVD featuring the best possible version of their classic show at Choisy Le Roi in 1985. The booklet will also feature a big interview conducted by none other than Laurent Ramadier (originally appears on SNAKEPIT magazine) and tons of photos from the old days. This is a must have double disc metallic mayhem that simply no fan of old school French heavy metal can miss. Up there with SORTILEGE, BLASPHEME etc. Limited to 500 copies. TRACK LISTING: CD: Tracks 1-5: Demo ‘83 | Tracks 6-13: Theatre Jean Vilar, Suresnes (December 9th 1983) 1. L’Invincible Force De La Mort 2. Mal Divin 3. Les Deux Maudites 4. Ombre Du Malheur 5. Remords Posthumes 6. Intro 7. Les Deux Maudites 8. Demon Eyes 9. L’Orgie Des Damnés 10. Mal Divin 11. Remords Posthumes 12. Hymne Au Seigneur De L’Orage 13. Untitled Track 14. Résurrection 15. L’Invincible Force De La Mort DVD: Parc Interdepartemental Des Sports, Choisy Le Roi (July 6th 1985) 1. Intro 2. Les Deux Maudites 3. Résurrection 4. L’Invincible Force De La Mort 5. L’Ermite 6. Hymne Au Seigneur De L’Orage 7. L’Orgie Des Damnés 8. Ombre Du Malheur 9. La Revanche Des Dieux 10. Demon Eyes

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