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FHM Records, Jewelcase, There it is the EP that...
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FHM Records, Jewelcase, There it is the EP that was lost for so long. Kevin Kennedy of Exxplorer has dusted off the master tapes from back in the day and given it to us to release. The band features Kevin Kennedy (guitar) and John J McCaffrey (bass) (both Exxplorer) and Chali Cayte (Ex Tour de Force) - vocals. As guests Ross the Boss (Ex-Manowar) and Lance Barnewold both lead guitar, the band is completed by the well-known drummer Phil Quickley who has played with Dave Sabo of Skid Row. Offered here is a colorful bouquet of typical 90s Hard Rock that is played very catchy. Outstanding here especially the vocal performance of Chali Cayte who has a very pleasant voice. Who likes power Hard Rock in the style of the later Dokken or Ratt is here at the right cup of tea. The original recordings are from 1993 and were completed in early 2022.

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