No Mans Land CD

Faster and Louder, ltd. 300, Back in 1982...
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Faster and Louder, ltd. 300, Back in 1982 Holocaust had split up at the peak of their NWOBHM glory. After some of the members tried the more melodic approach with HOLOGRAM, John Mortimer, the resilient driving force behind the band all these decades, decided to record an album of the Holocaust sound concept for the mid 80s with the help of a guest drummer. The new Holocaust sound present on No Mans Land, surprisingly had a Punk influence and was faster and heavier in most songs, than any previous stuff they recorded. No Man's Land got some solid reviews but failed to sell like the previous releases and over the years has scarcely been reissued. So in 2024, we present you the 40th Anniversary Edition of this gem, clothed in a 6-panel digipak, digitally remastered on a limited edition of only 300 copies.

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