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Supreme Music Creations, ltd 500, General Jack...
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Supreme Music Creations, ltd 500, General Jack was formed in 1997 when Darren Joyce joined initially being called Wicked World for a short time. The band was originally a covers band but recorded one original track 'Fantasy' in 1998.The band would play many shows over a 20-year period before folding in 2018. Reforming in 2022 to do a one-off festival, original drummer Kim Clarke would decide not to return, so Drew Poxon Nephew of Guitarist Shaun Stain would come in on the vacant drum stool. The band decided to write an original album which would include a reworked 'Fantasy' giving it an harder edge. All the tracks are band compositions with All members contributing and have driving riffs with melodic hooks and clean vocals. General Jack have appeared at Mearfest in 2023 and have been asked to return in 2024.Recently they shared the Stage with Metal Veterans Quartz and Stormchild and will appear again with Quartz later in the year alongside 'Bill Beadles' Sacrilege and The Kingcrawlers Another highlight will be an appearance at The Cart and Horses, Stratford London, birthplace of Iron Maiden with Bill Beadles Sacrilege and Gypsy's Kiss. The band will also play together with Spartan Warrior, Overdrive, Troyen and Sacred Alien in November '24, you cannot miss that one !! Line up: Scott Gregory-Bass, Backing Vocals Patrick 'Patch' Jackson-Guitar Drew Poxon-Drums, Backing Vocals Darren Joyce-Vocals Shaun Stain-Guitar, Backing Vocals

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