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Cruz Del Sur, A Hammerheart-era...
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Cruz Del Sur, A Hammerheart-era Bathory-meets-atmospheric epic metal tour-de-force! Featuring members of Professor Emeritus, Moros Nyx and Smoulder, Fer De Lance combines darkness and atmosphere into a four-song epic heavy metal triumph. As bandmates in Chicago metal outfits Professor Emeritus and Moros Nyx, guitarist/vocalist MP and drummer Rusty often found themselves in the downtime of these bands consuming music that had nothing to do with the projects they were working on. The two men would do more than just listen to music — they discussed it, examined it and lived it, taking in the sounds of metal bands such as Bathory, Amorphis, Atlantean Kodex and Rotting Christ, as well as more acoustic-driven music such as Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, and unsung Canadian folk artist Stan Rogers. Change loomed on the horizon once the songwriting for the follow-up to Moros Nyx’s 2016 Revolution Street debut began. The songs started to take on a darker and more aggressive form, thereby capturing the atmosphere of its creators’ lives. The decision was then made to shelve Moros Nyx’s second album and start a brand-new band, Fer De Lance. After asking Smoulder guitarist Collin Wolf to join, the group embarked on the recording process for what would become their debut EP, Colossus. Recorded in July and October 2019 at Altered States Studio in Chicago with producer/engineer Matt Russell (Satan’s Hollow, Moros Nyx, Midnight Dice), Colossus is a rare-sounding American-meets-European metal meld that virtually defies description while bringing something to the table for any and all metal fan. Inspired in part by MP’s living and wintering in Newfoundland, Canada, the four songs on Colossus, while simple on the surface, are stocked with acoustic guitars, searing guitar licks, the rumble of drums, and the impassioned vocal delivery of MP. Each of the four songs on Colossus represent one form, or aspect of death: violence, cataclysm, futility and resistance. The inspiration behind Colossus came from Ozymandias, written by English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) and the hubris of “great men” in the creation of monuments. Even though the “Colossus” is made of metal or stone and seems indestructible, the people around it burn and it is slowly turned to dust through both time and the smallest of elements, rain. Ultimately, no matter the strength of the Colossus, his strength and life are temporary, and his memory brief.The members of Fer De Lance are currently spread out between the United States and Canada, but the band will spend 2020 writing more material for recording later in the year, as well as scheduling live appearances in support of Colossus. Epic metal of this breadth and heroics is deserving of a live audience the world over.

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