High Roller Records - Onlineshop

High Roller Records is a traditional Heavy Metal label from Germany and has been an important pillar of the music scene since 2003. Started as a record company that was initially focused on vinyl, a format which was already presumed dead, we now also publish our catalog in CD and cassette format and offer specialist literature and merchandise (shirts, patches, posters, …) of our bands as well.

We ourselves are a small team, consisting of true Die-Hard fans, and turned our passion into our task to preserve our favourite music in a worthy manner for eternity and to distribute it worldwide.

HRR stands for outstanding new releases of established as well as talented new rock / metal bands and is the number 1 when it comes to high quality, audiophile reissues of eternal NWOBHM, heavy metal, doom metal, thrash metal, speed metal, punk, and rock classics as well as forgotten gems.

In addition, we have one of the world's most extensive vinyl / CD / tape (MC) mail order assortments (NWOBHM, Heavy / Power / Doom / Speed / Thrash / Death / Black Metal, Punk, Rock, Grindcore, Hardcore, ...), which consists of both underground releases and releases by the scene's big names.

In our range of over 15.000 items, every rock music lover will find what they are looking for!