IV: Final EP / A Spell Enraged LP GREY / BLACK SWIRL

Northern Silence Productions, 199 copies on...
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Northern Silence Productions, 199 copies on grey/black swirl vinyl, remastered, incl. download, Depressive Silence was founded by RAL & B.S. from Mightiest in 1994. The band is one of the cult acts and forerunners of the Dungeon Synth genre alongside Mortiis and Jim Kirkwood. Back then, the genre wasn’t even called Dungeon Synth yet, and only later got that monicker, probably named after Mortiis’ label Dark Dungeon Music. At first it was just Dark Ambient. Nonetheless it was already something special in that it combined elements from Black Metal (more visually and thematically rather than musically) and fantasy into a new style that appealed to some Black Metal fans as well as those who preferred keyboard music and role playing games. Once the name Dungeon Synth had been established the appeal to (Black) Metal fans became much greater and the genre really took off, with Depressive Silence as one of the most beloved and well known bands of this rapidly growing genre. It is a great honour for Northern Silence to be able to reissue all of Depressive Silence’s material, remastered for optimal sound, and for the first time ever with exclusive artworks by master artist David Thiérée. A Spell Enraged is a side-project of RAL and is featured here with a revised version of Gothmog's "A View Into My Abyss", entitled "The Iridescent Light of the Stars". When Depressive Silence split up and RAL & B.S. created their individual Dungeon Synth projects, B.S. founded Solanum and RAL founded Gothmog. So these were the follow-up projects of Depressive Silence back in the 90s, and their releases are also being reissued by Northern Silence in remastered form and with new, exclusive artwork.

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