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Rise Above, reissue 2019, double 180gm vinyl in gatefold sleeve with insert. First press limited to 500 black vinyl. CAIN was an experimental metal band based in Birmingham in the early 90’s. Originally rehearsing for the first time in October 1990 under the name ‘Born Loser’, the band was formed by John Pickering and Pete Nash from Midlands crust punks Doom (Pete was also a member of Extreme Noise Terror), along with fellow friends Clive Meldrum on drums and Stephen O’Connor on second guitar. Influenced primarily by 80’s Doom metal such as Trouble, Candlemass and St Vitus, the band initially started writing slow, dirgy Black Sabbath inspired tracks, but soon found themselves adding more psychedelic sounds, noise and industrial influences as well as samples and soundscapes. Implementing delays, reverbs, wah wah pedals and effects into the mix, the sound owed much to the members love of space rock and bands like Loop or Spacemen 3, but was also underpinned by gargantuan grinding Pentagram and Celtic Frost inspired riffs, creating something unique, druggy, dreamlike and absorbing. Now in 2019, this obscure and ‘hard to find’ release is finally being made available via Rise Above records. Containing all 72 minutes of music remastered and in its original intended running order, CAIN will be available on both Vinyl (for the first time ever) and CD for the first time in 27 years

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