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BlackBeard/ Jolly Roger Records, black vinyl,...
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BlackBeard/ Jolly Roger Records, black vinyl, By early-1984, guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain had moved on from his hard rock outfit, Spike, to form the more metal-centric CJSS with the intention of exploring a direction more true to his musical vision. However, before CJSS would go on to achieve success of their own, David caught the attention of Shrapnel Records founder Mike Varney. The #1 prospect to front the band was Rude Girl vocalist Leather Leone, who—alongside Spike and CJSS bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and future Cinderella drummer Fred Coury—cemented the initial lineup of the new project, christened simply: Chastain. A highly prolific writer, David had stockpiled a wide assortment of tracks to choose from for the group's nine-song debut, "Mystery of Illusion"—from catchy, high-energy salvos to more melodic compositions, to the slower, almost Black Sabbath-like approach. Recorded by Steve Fontano at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in November/December of 1984, "Mystery of Illusion" was released on Lp and cassette through Shrapnel in 1985, with Roadrunner handling vinyl in Europe. Chastain's magic combination of David's anthemic songwriting with Leather's soaring vocal power opened the floodgates for the legendary careers for which both artists are now known. "Ruler of the Wasteland" Lp was released in 1986 once again on Shrapnel for Us and Roadrunner for Europe and also pressed in Japan (Far East Metal Syndicate) and Canada (Banzai). The album was recorded by the same debut line-up except for the powerful drummer Ken Mary (Fifth Angel, Alice Cooper) suggested to Chastain straight by Shrapnel boss Mike Varney. Thanks to his mix of technicality and fantasy he gave a great and important contribution to the album , so that you can’t imagine "Ruler of the Wasteland" being played by another drummer. Deservely considered a 80's HM masterpiece, with killer tracks as title-track, "One Day to Live", "Living in a Dreamworld" and slowier, darkier ones as "Angel of Mercy", (performed by Hammerfall years later in their "Crimson Thunder") and "Children on Eden". Timeless classic available again on vinyl (first reprint since 1986!).

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