Tower of High Sorcery CD

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No Remorse Records, cd, Achelous return with...
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No Remorse Records, cd, Achelous return with the third full-length album, "Tower of High Sorcery"! With "Macedon" in 2018 and "The Icewind Chronicles" in 2022, Achelous built a strong following in the underground metal scene. The combination of thunderous and straight-forward epic heavy metal with atmospheric passages have become a trademark for Achelous and now they're adding even more flame and passion in their music, while there is a step forward in every aspect, including musicianship and performance. With the "Tower of High Sorcery", Achelous will establish their place in the current Epic Heavy Metal scene. Tracklist: 1. Whispering Forest (Introduction) 2. Dragon Wings 3. Istar (Blood Red Sea) 4. The Oath 5. Tower of High Sorcery 6. Fortress of Sorrow 7. Into the Shadows 8. Pagan Fire 9. When the Angels Bleed Line-up: Chris Kappas: Vocals Chris Achelous: Bass George Mavrommatis: Guitars, Keyboards Haris Dinos: Guitars Giannis Roussis: Drums Special guests: Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (vocals on "Into the Shadows"), Anastasia Megalokonomou (vocals on "Whispering Forest" and "Pagan Fire").

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