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Underground Activists, Australian visionary...
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Underground Activists, Australian visionary Woods of Desolation returns with ‘The Falling Tide’, a bewitching crescendo of atmospheric black metal and post metal elements. Unlike the act’s Australian contemporaries who are known for their raw, unrefined grit, Woods of Desolation takes a different approach, showcasing the genre’s beauty and elegance with their grand melodic passages and radiant aura. For fans of Drudkh, Fuath, Mgla, Deafheaven, Audn. Artwork by Lucas Ruggieri. Tracklist: 01. Far From Here (07:02) 02. Beneath a Sea of Stars (07:24) 03. Illumination (05:02) 04. The Falling Tide (06:32) 05. The Passing... (03:45) 06. Anew (06:38)

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