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Folter Records, jewelcase, Two years ago,...
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Folter Records, jewelcase, Two years ago, "Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare", the debut of the hitherto unknown WOLVES OF PERDITION, hit the scene like a mortar shell. There was an astonishing consensus about the quality and explosive power of this projectile that came out of the blue - Metal.de: 10/10; Time For Metal: 9/10; Stormbringer: 4,5/5; Zephyr's Odem: 8,9/10 and so on. The Abaddon-Magazine judged: "It keeps the tension up high from the first to the last minute. Such a rarity these days." Now the four Finns from WOLVES OF PERDITION have reloaded, once again via Folter Records: "Ultra Violence" is as vehement, merciless and chilled as black metal from the underground should be, but also impresses with numerous razor-sharp melodies (some of which again have a very Swedish flavour), atmospheric depth, attention to detail and, last but not least, an appropriately powerful production. The lyrics? Why constructive criticism of religion and society when it can also be destructive? But this is not a political, but a very personal matter.

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