Essential Collection 1996-1999 VINYL BOX GREY

Southern Lord, Highly sought-after collection...
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Southern Lord, Highly sought-after collection of crucial ‘90s D-Beat! Limited edition vinyl box set of all Wolfpack releases. Absolutely essential collection of Wolfpack recordings spanning the group’s existence from 1996-1999, all remastered by Brad Boatright. Deluxe box set with anti-scratch lamination finish + metallic foil embossing on the box top/cover. All vinyl is grey and limited to 500 units. Contents of the box: -A New Dawn Fades LP -Lycanthro Punk LP -All Day Hell LP The following items are exclusive to the box: -Hellhound Warpig 7” -Bloodstained Dreams 7” -Embroidered circular patch ( silver thread )//Hellhound Warpig cover (Celtic wolf) design CLASSIC, CRUCIAL D-BEATH CRUST FROM THE MASTERS!

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