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Mighty Music, black vinyl “Exit Plan” is the...
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Mighty Music, black vinyl “Exit Plan” is the 6th studio album from Withering Surface following the success of the 2020-comeback album “Meet You Maker”. The process of the “Exit Plan” album was long and challenging with various recording session, line-up changes, producers and on top of that all the obstacles with Covid and post-Covid. The fact that the band’s engagements with Copenhell and various other festivals in 2020 were postponed two years to 2022 could easily have killed Withering Surface that was making a comeback after 15 years in slumber. Instead, all efforts were put into the making of “Exit Plan”. An album where both songwriting and lyrical concept appear stronger than ever for the band. Topping this is the production by Soren Andersen (Medley Studio), mainly known in rock and hard rock circles for his work with artists like Thundermother, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Glenn Hughes. Soren Andersen was not the obvious choice of producer for a melodic death metal band but ended up being the perfect match for Withering Surface anno 2024 delivering a huge over-the-top sound.

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