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Svart Records, yellow double vinyl, gatefold,...
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Svart Records, yellow double vinyl, gatefold, Limited (700) 30th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Long before Lordi and Nightwish put Finnish metal on the map globally, Waltari were there churning out a curiously engaging concoction of various genres molten into metal. Waltari signed with Roadrunner Records in the early nineties and released Torcha, the first fruit of the co-operation in 1992. Torcha was very well received by the international music press, even though Waltari's iconoclastic habit of breaking all boundaries also annoyed people. Besides heavy metal, speed and thrash, Torcha has acid house, funk and punk, often all in the same song. Previously Torcha has not been widely available on vinyl. There was a very limited poor quality Korean edition in the early nineties, which stuffed the hour-long album on a single LP. The Svart edition has been prepared together with Kärtsy Hatakka, and it spreads the original album on three LP sides and has two bonus tracks on side D.

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