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Art of Propaganda, 8 panel digipak and a...
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Art of Propaganda, 8 panel digipak and a playing time of 30 min, In 2021 Waldgeflüster joined the highly acclaimed roster of AOP Records, which will take care of the future endeavors of the band. The year showed the release of their 6th full length record called "Dahoam", that has ranked on #49 in the official german album charts "Dahoam" is followed now in 2023 by the new Mini-Album "Unter bronzenen Kronen". The collection of 4 autumnal songs, including 2 covers, show Waldgeflüster further perfecting their sound, to draw the listener ever deeper into their world of melancholy. We are thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor, a heartfelt compilation of songs to accompany the embrace of Autumn. This collection, although not a full-length album, tries to capture the essence of the season when the leaves turn into shimmering hues of bronze, gold, and red. A sonic reflection of the bittersweet melancholy that seeps into our bones and hearts during this time. We reimagining three existing songs--one of our own and two masterpieces from extraordinary artists-- and looked at them from a different angle, casting a new light upon their inherent beauty. Additionally there is a new composition, delving into the realization that our own questions, flaws, and enigmatic uncertainties endlessly circle back to us, leaving an eternal imprint upon our hearts. We invite you to tread alongside us through the bleakness of our everlasting woods. To find solace and respite, resting your weary heads beneath the majestic crowns of bronze that adorn these trees.

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