Where The Time Dwelt In LP

Gates of Hell, reissue 2019, black vinyl,...
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Gates of Hell, reissue 2019, black vinyl, insert, download code, in 2015 VULTURES VENGEANCE released “Rising” a demo tape that sold out its 150-run in less than a month. With no internet or facebook presence, the band sold their cassettes by word of mouth, leaving many empty-handed. A very favorable review appeared on German magazine Deaf Forever but all copies were gone. Compared to the previous tape “Where The Time Dwelt In” moves forward in terms of song-writing. The songs are more structured and complicated but band has been able to maintain all their peculiar characteristics intact. Despite their young age they have been able to magically recreate the sound of our beloved 80s, without sounding false or generic and are a must for all the lovers of the genre. From a very appropriate recording (sounds as the masters were ACTUALLY found out in a abandoned basement) to the eclectic and genuine evolution of each songs, VULTURES VENGEANCE are ready to take the world by storm. RECOMMENDED FOR FANS OF EARLY OMEN,EARLY STEEL ASSASSIN AND EARLY LIEGE LORD.

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