Guardians of the Flame - The Anniversary Edition DLP BLACK

Steamhammer/ SPV, Two black vinyls in...
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Steamhammer/ SPV, Two black vinyls in gatefold. David DeFeis has included an additional moniker to this re-release…”The Anniversary Edition”, for like he has done with VIRGIN STEELE 1, he has completely re-mixed the album from start to finish. He had this to say to me, ”I felt compelled to add that additional title because just like with VS 1 this too is a very special reissue. And again…this too is a great celebration! As I did with VS 1, once again every song on the album has been lovingly restored, re-mixed with faith, heart & Steele. It was a joy to go back to the original multi-tracks, listen and find all the various outtakes, studio chatter and even a long forgotten about piano solo that I had done. In resurrecting this album, I did my best to try to preserve the original feel and integrity of what we were trying to achieve, while at the same time hoping to make it sonically clearer and more direct. The original energy and exuberant fire remains…and there is greater definition all around”. On the preview day I listened with several others and we were amazed at how fresh these Works sounded. The album sounds like it could have been recorded just this week! It has that classic 80’s sensibility combined with a timeless yet modern aura. Not an easy thing to achieve I imagine. David continues, “ for me it feels like being back in those days again only with the knowledge gained from having lived several lives since then. The full album is represented in its original entirety, plus we have included the tracks from the extended play single we had issued right after “Guardians”, which featured the songs, (I AM THE ONE, GO DOWN FIGHTING & WAIT FOR THE NIGHT) and… in addition we were also able to include several new bonus tracks, such as the lost diabolical piano solo…CHAOS CAPRICE, (from the original “Guardians” Sessions), a new alternate version of the song DESERT PLAINS, a brand new track called DIRTY BLONDE ANGEL, (that I had actually written for the AGE OF CONSENT album but we had never recorded until now), and there is also another bonus track in the form of “THE HEAVEN’S DOOR SUITE”, which contains a re-written cover of the song KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR combined with new music that I crafted…”

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