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Nuclear War Now, black vinyl, insert, poster, VALKYRIA began in Zelenograd, Russia in 1989. Mastermind Alexander Dronov had spent the 80s playing keyboards in several hard rock and metal bands before forming the group that would soon be called VALKYRIA. After a few lineup changes, the group added vocalist Pavel Nekrasov to deliver the band’s notably literate English lyrics with themes taken from the likes of Arthur Rimbaud and Edgar Allen Poe. A virtuosic musician, Dronov would serve as the group’s leader. Navigating progressive metal, skin-tight thrash riffing and mind-bending instrumental technicality, his songwriting in VALKYRIA is in a league of its own. This is music that truly defies categorization. While homage is paid to the prog, thrash and classic metal that influenced the band, the frenetic musical architecture demonstrates a serious expertise in composition. Galloping and serpentine song structures retain a sharpness that is as vicious as it is operatic, with dramatic keyboard flourishes from Dronov casting aside any doubt that this is genuinely exceptional music. A landmark in Russian extreme metal, VALKYRIA still is still miles ahead of their time today. VALKYRIA’s self-titled debut was recorded in 1990-early 1991 and released on vinyl in 1993 by Death City Records. This record was only available in Eastern Europe at the time, and original presses sell for around $70 in today’s market. NWN! Productions is proud to bring this masterpiece to a broader audience with this official vinyl reissue. - P. Lautensleger

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