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Gates Of Hell, 4 of the best, new Heavy Metal EPs and singles now available for the first time on CD! The first volume of the Iron And Hell compilation CDs contains 4 full EPs by some of the best and most interesting new bands in the current metal scene, for a total of almost 80 minutes of Heavy Metal! CHEVALIER: Life and Death 7" (2021) Chevalier's true Medieval Epic Speed Metal onslaught, filled with gripping hooks and dramatic changes shrouded in mystical sounds of the dungeons is guaranteed to grip you by the throat and make you beg for mercy. A call for arms has sounded, will you heed and ride into battle, or cower in fear? ATOM SMASHER The Age Of Ice 7" (2021) Atom Smasher is the name, non-compromising underground worship is the game! A decade ago, two maniacs from opposite ends of Germany joined forces to play honest, epic Heavy Metal of old, driven by the fire of naive idealism and pure dedication to the sound of Jaguar, Manilla Road, Slough Feg and the likes. PHAËTHON: Sacrifice Doth Call EP (2021) Hailing from the dark streets of London, the newly formed Phaëthon are hell-bent on delivering ripping old school heavy metal of the epic persuasion. Tribute is paid to old masters like Manilla Road, Bathory, and Cirith Ungol, along with the NWOBHM legends such as Pagan Altar, Satan, and Judas Priest. IRON GRIFFIN EP 2017 Oskari Räsänen (of Finnish Heavy Metal band Mausoleum Gate) started Iron Griffin with the aim to create epic Metal music. Backed by soaring, falsetto-driven vocals the epic songs that make up this debut EP combine “Melissa”-era Mercyful Fate with the marauding melodic sensibility of NWOBHM. of what’s to come…

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