Awaken the Black Flame LP BLACK

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Folter Records, black vinyl, ltd. 200, The band name UNHALLLOWED is yet a blank slate. “Yet” is the key word here. Because the band, which was founded in 2021, has it all. Their debut album "Awaken The Black Flame" is clearly inspired by the Scandinavian Black Metal of the late 90's. Without further ado, UNHALLOWED lead the way with aggressive Black Metal, but give melodic elements again and again space to function as a counterpart in the sound. The complex guitar arrangements with extensive lead guitars form the basis on which, on the one hand, the excessively aggressive hustle and bustle, but also, on the other hand, the melodic "aha-moments" are created. The cold, catchy vocals underline the gripping atmosphere and provide goosebump moments. The content of the debut album is characterized by personal strife for spiritual gnosis that goes far beyond the cosmic reality. UNHALLOWED are a must for lovers of Scandinavian Black Metal art and fans of contemporary Black Metal alike.

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