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Peaceville, jewelcase, The Classic ‘Vargnatt’ 1993 Demo From The Norwegian Legends, Marking 30 Years Since Release, Including Extra Track. Norwegian act Ulver rose to prominence from a blacker metal-rooted background in their early years, to becoming widely known for high-calibre soundscapes & exquisite experimental & electronic art as part of their continual & ever-shifting evolution. With a penchant for folklore-laced black metal in their formative years & with what could be considered even then to be eclectic & unconventional compositions compared to the more raw & primitive offerings from other arising acts in the scene at the time, Ulver made a big mark on the genre since their formation in the early 90’s, spawning a unique & celebrated trilogy of early works which arrived in quick succession, starting with their monumental 1995 debut, ‘Bergtatt’, before the more serene acoustic-driven experience of ‘Kveldssanger’ the following year & completed by the more feral & ferocious outpouring of ‘Nattens Madrigal’ in 1997. Before this much revered trilogy, though, came 1993’s ‘Vargnatt’. This was Ulver’s first foray into the wilds & an exceptional debut demo, utilising what was to become a staple acoustic guitar implementation amid melodic & often complex & obtuse arrangements, conjured & delivered with an already advanced degree of musicianship, with vocals appearing courtesy of longstanding frontman Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg. This early incarnation of Ulver also notably featured Carl-Michael Eide of Aura Noir/Ved Buens Ende fame on drums, plus this recording featured Robin “Mean” Malmberg on bass guitar, from fellow Norwegian pioneers Mysticum. This edition of ‘Vargnatt’ marks 30 years since its original release. The audio itself is sourced from the original DAT, plus this release contains the bonus track ‘Vargnatt’, captured live at Bootleg TV in Oslo, 1993 & sourced from the original U-Matic, courtesy of the National Library of Norway.

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