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Arkeyn Steel Records, ltd. 500 handnumbered cd's, Baltimore, Maryland, US is the home of some of the most favorite bands of the Arkeyn Steel Records team. Bands like OMEGA POINT, MANIFEST and REIGNSTORM share proud numbers on the ASR catalog, standing next to milestones like MYSTIC FORCE, APOLLO RA, EN FORCE and many others. Bands that have pretty much shaped the label's overall sound and aesthetic. Now it is time to add one more band in this list: One of the greatest groups from Baltimore, Maryland, US: The mighty TYR. Founded back in 1991 and lasting only for two years before their split up in 1993, TYR have released one of the most phenomenal and rare LP tapes of the 90s US Power Metal underground: "Of Law and War" was released in 1992, in 300-400 copies -not even the band members are sure about the exact number-. Musically we got an excellent and one of a kind combination of Heavy, Power, Prog and Neoclassical Metal. Virtuoso guitar leads and solos, magnificent high range vocals and an overall atmosphere balancing between romanticism and epic obscurity. If this was a massively released record on a major record label then it would be considered an all-time classic and would be placed next to huge albums of Y. MALMSTEEN, CRIMSON GLORY, CACOPHONY etc. Unfortunately, "Of Law and War" was a private LP tape released by the band itself, remaining unknown even to die-hard collectors. Arkeyn Steel Records reissues "Of Law and War" for the very first time on CD featuring completely remastered sound, reworked artwork, never before seen photos, complete lyrics, biography and bonus tracks. For the bonus tracks we searched every available live show recording that the band kept archived, in order to discover songs that were not included on the original studio release. All the audio has been remastered by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studios Thessaloniki, Greece. Kostas Athanasoglou developed the overall release artwork, upgrading the original tape cover -featuring the original TYR sword logo-. The band's biography was written by the founding member, drummer Steven Miller. Of course a lot of photos are included together with the complete set of lyrics. "Of Law and War" is a masterpiece. It will satisfy your never ending thirst for high class music plus your lust for obscure releases straight out of an era when Steel ruled this land. Are you ready for the sword of TYR? We hope so, cause during war there is no law... For fans of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, CRIMSON GLORY, CACOPHONY, CONCERTO MOON & RACER X!

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