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Hammerheart Records, ltd. transparent yellow vinyl, Tristitia blends Gloomy Darkness into classic Doom Metal like no has done before... or after. Crucidiction is another gem- album from the glorious epoch of Holy records and the peak recording of a band that possesses a superior, totally personal and theatrical sound full of magic and nostalgia. The whole concept of this band can place you somewhere in the Middle Ages, mocking crazy inquisitors and trying to escape from witch-hunt. This album along with the first one, is the best you can get from them. From the very first moment of the intro, the atmosphere is stunning. By the sound of a Gregorian chant accompanied by rhythm guitars you’re immediately transferred within the walls of an ancient dark abbey where suspicious monks disguise. The production with its resonance, and a good amount of reverberation on the drums, creates a sensation as if a group of heretics has conquest an old cathedral and uses it to practice reversed rituals and to unleash its blasphemous anti-Christian preaching. The constantly busy and highly creative Luis Galvez is a guitar virtuoso and master in riff craft, soloing and acoustic arpeggios and this album is maybe his top moment. With a defining delay effect applied upon his dreamlike leads and dual harmonies, he recounts dark medieval tales, and penetrates sealed crypts and dark dungeons. The material is very rich in ideas and thoughtful changes. The music doesn’t borrow from old Candlemass but maybe it shares a similar eerie aura. This is a different approach to Doom with lots of lead melodies and classical influences drenched to gothic romanticism. The riffs are inventive, dark and melancholic, original and instantly pleasurable to the ear. On top of that, the epic vocals of Thomas Karlsson sound sinister and fit perfectly with the whole concept. The music is very Doom laded whereas the vocals and lyrics are where the blackness lies. The album is recommended to Black Metal fans who are interested in breaking into the Doom scene as well as die hard Doom fans.

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