Beyond Oblivion MLP

Me Saco un Ojo Records, Formed as early as...
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Me Saco un Ojo Records, Formed as early as 1989, Japan’s Transgressor is one of those cult names only the deepest dwellers of obscurity might seek. With a healthy, if sporadic, discography; the time for a new MLP is here. Presented by Me Saco Un Ojo, Sewer Rot Records and Unholy Domain. Blending the murkiest elements of putrid Death Metal, ferocious grooving and blistering lead work atop a hammering percussion; whether or not this name is familiar, Transgressor will beat you into submission. A healthy mix of exhilarating drums and crawling, tomb-lurking riffs seep forth very naturally while the vocal spew further enhances the eldritch mood of the record. With a timelessly classic feeling to the style of music, these horde of old school maniacs have such a graven and crushingly brutal approach to keeping the archaic morbid spirit alive. The heaviness is asphyxiating but there is also melody and these moments of gloom that give huge dynamics to the experience, showcasing a band who have clearly refined their sound to a well-oiled death-machine over the decades of their existence. While many Japanese Death Metal bands have a penchant for purely slower tempos, Transgressor range from the spectral doomy moments all the way to a thrashing rage with so many meaty hooks in the mid tempos, giving a varied and adrenaline-injected performance across the board. An impassioned performance and organic production deliver this MLP with a flawlessly intense execution, so those seeking Death Metal that isn’t mangled by modernity can truly revel in the rottenness of “Beyond Oblivion” for its honest and truly crushing approach that lingers in the air, ensuring you will come back to the crypt for more…

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