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Greyhaze Records, reissue 2018, In 1989...
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Greyhaze Records, reissue 2018, In 1989 Brazilian Metal was becoming more polished and professional. There was a lot of interest in what was happening in the Brazilian Metal scene. Sepultura had recently released its Roadrunner debut Beneath the Remains, and Sarcofago had recently signed with Under One Flag to release its third album The Laws of Scourge. Under this scenario, Belo Horizonte’s The Mist released its debut album, Phantasmagoria. The band had evolved from the band Mayhem (Brazil) and featured tried and true Brazilian Metal veterans such as Vladimir Korg (Chakal) on vocals and Christiano Salles (Soufly) on bass. Upon its release, Phantasmagoria quickly rose to become one of the best Thrash Metal albums coming out of Brazil at the time. The album shows an evolution in production, sogwriting, and performance as compared to most albums produced in Brazil before it. Phantasmagoria should please anyone into early to mid-history Brazilian Metal and those into Beneath the Remains-era Sepultura.

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