Mutilated Limb LP BLACK

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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, black vinyl, ltd 110, handnumbered, TESTAMENT were another lost hero of the golden 80's. They hailed from Ireland and were active from 1982 to 1987 and among a number of cover tunes by reputed metal bands of the time they managed to also record two quality demos, in the spirit of the prevalent NWOBHM movement of the time. We were able to track down the original drummer of the band and founding member, Jim Carlin who provided us with great photos and memorabilia of the band, so you should expect another great NWOBHM reissue that consists of the band's "Mutilated Limb" plus their less known demo '87 as bonus. TESTAMENT are: John Harv Harbinson - Vocals Michael Cullen - Guitars Mark Noble - Guitars Paul Heaney - Bass Jim Carlin - Drums The reissue comes in deluxe 350gsm sleeve, 180gr vinyl, 2 page insert including lyrics, story of the band, many cool photos and black polyline inner sleeve. TRACK LISTING: Side A: 1. Situation Vacant 2. Confusion 3. Breaker 4. The Final Sign Side B: 1. Intro 2. You Got What It Takes 3. Rush Of Blood 4. Under My Gun

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