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BlackBeard/ Goodfellas, black vinyl, Swedish Tad Morose was originally formed in 1991, but the singer left in late 1992. In March 1993, they recorded their first and only demo tape. During those recording-sessions a friend of the band visited the studio and began experimenting with lyrics and vocals, the result was so fantastic that they recorded it and he was added to the line-up. Record labels, however, seemed unresponsive until mid-August 1993, when Black Mark heard the tape and immediately signed them; around the same time, a keyboard player joined the band. The debut album, "Leaving The Past Behind," was released in November 1993 in Europe and shortly thereafter in Japan, selling pretty well for a newcomer. In Germany, Rock Hard voted it "Record of the Month," writing: "Very powerful, compact, and melodic songs with a touch of progressive metal." "An incredible mixture of Metallica and Dream Theater". In mid-October, they entered the same studio as their debut to record "Sender Of Thoughts". Shortly thereafter, some changes in the line-up, leaving guitarist Christer "Krunt" Andersson as the only founding member. Tad Morose has earned his place as one of the finest acts in power/prog metal with this release. They hit the road in Germany for the Black Mark-festivals, playing with label-mate bands like Cemetery, Morgana Lefay, and Memento Mori. Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori) was so impressed with the band's live performances that he offered to help the guys out by producing their upcoming mini-album, "Paradigma", released in fall 1995. Unfortunately, after this release, the singer left the band to join Memento Mori, and was replaced by Urban Breed, a new singer who brought a lot of fresh ideas in "A Mended Rhyme", released in 1997. Feeling unsupported by their label, the band decided to leave Black Mark and join Century Media. In June 2000, they recorded their new album 'Undead', followed in 2002 by "Matters of the Dark" and the year after by "Modus Vivendi", both on Century Media. In 2013, some changes in the line-up: a new vocalist, 2nd guitarist, and bass player entered in and recorded "Revenant" and "St. Demonius" (2017), both on the Despotz label, then "Chapter X" came out in 2018 under GMR. "March of the Obsequious", their brand new album, breaks a 4-year silence and follows the same path as their previous 3 releases, with a small nod to the sound of the 80s and 90s without sounding less fresh and modern. 2022 Tad Morose line up is Christer "Krunt" Andersson (guitars), Peter Morén (drums), Johan Lofgren (bass), Ronny Hemlin (vocals), Andreas Silen (guitars).

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