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Karisma Records, OVERVIEW “Avvik” translates to anomaly or deviation. And even though Taake have been recognized as an important act within the Norwegian Black Metal scene for decades, they have always stood on the outside of main currents of black metal, a scene once founded by deviants and outcasts. In this context, “Avvik” also refers to this particular collection of songs, as the album compiles tracks which never really fitted in to any of the Taake releases, and hence ended up on three split-10” with Whoredom Rife, Deathcult and Helheim, released on different labels. “Avvik” collects the Taake tracks from the three split-10” releases for a limited digipak cd release. All tracks have been remixed and remastered for a digital release, and some of the remixes have some surprising guest appearances. Exclusively for this release, Dr Mikannibal of Sigh did Taake the honour of adding her saxophone to a slightly longer version of the Sisters of Mercy cover “Heartland”. Also, live guitarist Gjermund have done a very special acoustic version of the classic track “Nattestid ser Porten vid I”, which is exclusive for this release. “Avvik” closes one chapter for Taake and opens for a new one.

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