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Svart Records, Purple vinyl, gatefold jacket plus insert. A limited edition of 500 copies.Svart Records presents the early 90s cult Illinois, US based Death Metal band Suspiria’s demo compilation “Psychologically Impaled” on vinyl. 12 inches of shredding, brutal riffs of malevolent Thrash imbued Death Metal! The 7 tracks on this vinyl LP consist of the demo “Divinely Impaled” from 1991, and “Psychological Inertia” from 1993. These two demos Suspiria left behind are ancient testimonies of outlandish raw fretwork that puts them right beside masters of technical death metal like Atheist, Pestilence, Gorguts, and Nocturnus. Suspiria was formed and active during a time when the genres of Thrash and Death Metal dominated the underground, and their tapes were coveted gems for headbangers in the know. Blast an obscure classic from the golden age of Death Metal and get yourself “Psychologically Impaled” now!

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