Netherworlds DLP OCEAN BLUE

Black Lodge Records, ocean blue double vinyl,...
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Black Lodge Records, ocean blue double vinyl, Dive into the Abyss with Swedish Stillborn's Latest Masterpiece: "Netherworlds" Following the monumental success of their previous album "Nocturnals," Swedish metal sensation Stillborn returns with an even darker opus, "Netherworlds." Paying homage to their cult classic "Necrospirituals" while carving out new realms of sonic exploration, Stillborn propels their distinctive sound to new heights with "Netherworlds," crafting songs that are hauntingly beautiful and crushingly heavy. Experience the chilling atmospheres and gripping melodies as Stillborn takes listeners on a journey through the depths of the unknown. The production on "Netherworlds" boasts a sharper edge and refined quality, ensuring that every riff, every chord resonates with bone-shaking clarity. Prepare to be mesmerized by the sinister allure of "Netherworlds." Embrace the darkness and join Stillborn on their relentless quest to redefine gothic metal. Don't miss out on this monumental release that will leave an indelible mark on the genre.

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