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Silver Lining, black vinyl, The new album has a...
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Silver Lining, black vinyl, The new album has a strong drive and the band channels the ills of current society with a crisp, riff-heavy ferocity, but at the same time it showcases Soen's unique blend of progression, aggression and beauty. "Memorial" is steeped in melody from start to finish, the guitars and rhythms crushing the face. Album opener "Sincere" begins with a relentless forward momentum, while the sheer power of the title track is enriched with a solid groove that underpins the weighty tones and evocative vocals of Joel Ekelöf. Memorial ends with the beautiful, tragic ballad "Vitals," reminiscent of Pink Floyd, and the band finds its best form yet. Soen have been working towards this moment for years, and now here they are with Memorial, an inspiring modern hard rock classic. Soen are completed by Lars Enok Åhlund (keyboards and guitar), Oleksii 'Zlatoyar' Kobel (bass) and Cody Ford (lead guitar).

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