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The world leading underground pure metal publication keeps going strong and keeps getting back. Without doubt, SNAKEPIT and his editor Laurent Ramadier have established through the years a brand name that is indicative of quality reading. SNAKEPIT since its inception in the late 90s is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavy metal publications of all time with a special attention to 70's and mainly 80's bands that shaped the history of our music, as well as coverage of the young guns who really deserve it. The main publisher / writer Laurent Ramadier, delivers some of the most in depth interviews, leaving no details uncovered and his special writing style, completely distances this magazine from the rest of the field. The new issue once again does not fail to deliver. Comes with a 7'' single that will make every die hard US metal fan and collector go nuts. BEYONDEVON "Strings of Power / Fly to the Rainbow" 7" featuring two ABSOLUTE HEAVY METAL hymns by a short lived Ohio metal band that released two demos and then disappeared. If you're not familiar with their music, you'll be in for a great surprise! The interviews featured in issue #24 are: ANGEL DUST, ARTILLERY, AXE WITCH, BEYON DEVON, BLITZKRIEG, BUFFALO, DRAGONFLY, FREEWAYS, JAGUAR, KERIA, KRAZE, LAZER, MESSIAH, POLERGEST, POWERLORD, REINCARNATE, SANTERS, SATAN, TAURUS, TITAN, THE WRATH, TRAGEDY DIVINE, TRANCE. A total of 68 pages loaded with pure metal mania from start to finish. We want to thank Laurent for keeping entrusting us with the publication and distribution of his work and as you are all familiar with the high quality of CULT METAL CLASSICS publications, expect top notch quality in terms of printing and distribution in the most important mail orders and record stores. Special Thanks to Christine Tsaprouni for initiating us to the magic of BEYONDEVON.

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