Chytridiomycosis Relinquished LP GREEN / YELLOW GALAXY

20 Buck Spin, neon green / neon yellow vinyl,...
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20 Buck Spin, neon green / neon yellow vinyl, 2nd pressing, A bloated vessel clings to the twilight as the last globules of a waning crescent are devoured... "Chytridiomycosis Relinquished" brings the 5 year long journey of SLIMELORD to their ultimate form; the intensity is at its utter maximum here as all instruments perform with a blistering fury completely unheard of prior to this debut. Field recordings of geese calls merge with earthquaking riffs that swell up from a magmarous subterranea. Rustling leaves echo through the hallucinatory dream sequences and pierce through the swamp mists. The sound of forest streams trickle into the poisoned bedrock and form atmospheric vistas amidst lurching dirges. Yet the crushing brutality and iconic zone-out riffs that have defined Slimelord's sound remain still, and the arrangements once again are built upon the formative rehearsal sessions of 2019. Here however, the compositions push through the oozing slime as far as possible to give them an increased depth and density to create a truly encompassing listening experience. Foul progeny breach the fleshy portcullis as swarms of bacteria overflow the battlements... All our releases thus far have followed a vague and obscured lore but "Chytridiomycosis Relinquished" takes it a huge leap forward and tells an adventure story that ventures deep underground to meet with fantastical beasts, through biological landscapes and back to the apocalyptic surface to confront an immense evil. Layered with parallels to environmentalism, ancient history & myth, the sciences & much much more, each song has a wealth to be uncovered with the lyrics & story. Brad Moore's cover art brings out the wildest of all human imagination, presented as a homage to older film posters by including various scenes that occur throughout the story in one image spread. And Damian Herring's mix brings out the best of every element we cooked into this album with a disgusting clarity; from the ethereal effects pedals that entrench the atmospheres, to the various field recordings littering each song, anchoring them into nature itself, and the claustrophobic reverberations that fuse the Slimelord sound to this tall tale.

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