Origins LP BLACK

Season of Mist, black vinyl, gatefold cover,...
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Season of Mist, black vinyl, gatefold cover, SAOR, in Scottish Gaelic means free, without obligations, unconstrained. All of these characteristics intrinsic to the music of SAOR, the musical entity spearheaded by sole member Andy Marshall. Presenting his fifth album and first release on Season of Mist, 'Origins' comes across as a more raging, black metal-infused effort, copiously evocative in its imagery and even melancholic in places, but decisively strong and abrasive at the same time. For fans of SOJOURNER, WINTERFYLLETH, DRUDKH, UADA. Cover artwork by Anaïs Mulgrew. Tracklist: 01. Call of the Carnyx (06:58) 02. Fallen (05:04) 03. The Ancient Ones (07:54) 04. Aurora (08:24) 05. Beyond the Wall (06:13) 06. Origins (06:44)

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