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Hammerheart Records, clear vinyl, The pre-production rough-mix recordings for Runemagick’s second album “Enter the Realm of Death”! A lost treasure! This recording session was done as a pre-production rough-mix demo for Runemagick’s second album “Enter the Realm of Death”. The recording was done in a studio named Los Angered Recording (owned by the famous Andy La Roque of King Diamond/Death), where I also worked a bit during that time. The songs were recorded and mixed in 1-2 days during April 1999. All instruments are played by Nicklas Rudolfsson with help from Andy La Rocque as a recording engineer. The recording was more or less forgotten and the DAT tape was lost for many years. But in early 2023 these recordings were unearthed in a box of old cassettes. “Enter the Realm of Death” and “Longing for Hades” differs slightly from the album versions in terms of tempo and some minor details. The song “Last Skull of Humanity” was not re-recorded for the album. The last song “Beyond Death” has no vocals due to the fact that there where no lyrics written at the time of recording. So it’s instrumental, like a long outro.

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