Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind LP BLUE B-STOCK

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NEW ITEM w/ MINI COVER CORNER DAMAGE, Hammerheart Records, transparent blue vinyl, Runemagick mines the darkest seams of crushing Death/Doom Metal for unremitting headbanging groove. Runemagick are among the most underrated bands in the history of Metal. Their relative obscurity is hard to pin down. Musically, in terms of songcraft, atmosphere, and immersion into the unearthly realms of the occult, they are basically without peers. Yet despite a prolific thirty-year existence, their reputation exists on the fringes: highly regarded by some but not highly enough considering the overall quality of their output. From start to finish Runemagick plays well done ancient Death/Doom metal, very slow and heavy, but the balance between Death and Doom Metal is very well chosen! This will relive the glory days of the good old 90’s stuff from the United Kingdom! Deep and intense grunts, the freezing thick guitars and the intense bass lines really spread a gloomy frightening atmosphere. Runemagick have written an album against all kinds of trends hailing a style which unfortunately has ceased to exist some years ago. When it comes to the elemental power and occult allure of Death/Doom Metal, there is hardly a band to listen to. Runemagick’s morose tunes, occult atmosphere, and penchant for bad trip riffs combine to form another intoxicating batch of criminally underrated tunes! Lyrically, Runemagick mines the vast untapped regions of inner darkness. Worth to check for all Doom/Death fans who like it heavy, slow and brutal! Tracklist LP: 1. Archaic Magick (After the Red Sun) 2. Endless Night and Eternal End 3. Visions of Nothing (Interlude to the Other Side) 4. The Storm Rode Beyond the Firmament 5. Nocturnal Deities of Winter 6. Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind

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