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No Remorse Records, silver vinyl, insert, ltd. 500, "Electric Elite" is the second studio album of RIOT CITY from Canada and this is the perfect follow-up to their highly acclaimed "Burn The Night" debut of 2019. RIOT CITY are keeping their ripping and screaming heavy metal but with "Electric Elite" they're also going one step further adding US heavy and power metal elements to their heavy-speed JUDAS PRIEST-and-NWOBHM-inspired metal. Singer Jordan Jacobs handles lead vocals in the new album and the debut album's singer/guitarist Cale Savy is now focused exclusively on lead guitars, while Roldan Reimer (guitars), Dustin Smith (bass) and Chad Vallier (drums) have a major contribution to the bombastic album. One can think of various influences and bands that have inspired RIOT CITY but here, we also have a strong vibe of originality bringing in mind the creation and the magic of classic '80s metal albums. The band's musicianship has evolved even more and everything has been worked in every single detail, keeping at the same time their passion for music. Lightning-fast tempo songs with over-the-edge singing combined with anthemic guitar parts, melody and mid-paced tracks. This is an album that could have been released in the '80s and would be considered a classic; a modern classic heavy metal album you can listen to from start to finish without any fillers.

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