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Season Of Mist, crystal clear 12'' vinyl,...
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Season Of Mist, crystal clear 12'' vinyl, deluxe gatefold w/ gold pantone print, ltd. 100, The idea behind REPLACIRE’s third album was simple. Write some straight-ahead chuggers to feed the mosh pit the next time these bearded whiz kids went on tour. Of course, like any band that’s worth its weight in colored sands, REPLACIRE deviated from that initial thought pattern. After disappearing down a seven-year rabbit hole, they emerged with more mind-bending tech-death workouts. The title track ties your brain into a pretzel with knotted syncopated percussion and glitchy finger taps. It wasn’t always so easy. But despite countless Zoom calls, bouts with sleep paralysis and one near trip to the hospital, the Boston band stay strong on ‘The Center That Cannot Hold’. “I impose all I am / Death entwined, rage inside / Blackened sky” new vocalist James Dorton roars, as if raising the weight of the world high above his shoulders. On ‘The Center That Cannot Hold’, REPLACIRE flex all of their muscles. For fans of THE FACELESS, ARCHSPIRE, GORGUTS, REVOCATION, CYNIC. Artwork by Andrew Tremblay. Tracklist: 01. Bloody-Tongued And Screaming (04:26) 02. The Center That Cannot Hold (03:05) 03. Living Hell (02:58 04. A Fine Manipulation (04:21) 05. The Helix Unravels (03:02) 06. Drag Yourself Along The Earth (03:39) 07. Inglorious Impunity (03:32) 08. The Ghost In The Mirror (03:57) 09. Hoard The Trauma Like Wealth (04:20) 10. Transfixed On The Work (03:28) 11. Uncontrolled And Unfulfilled (06:41)

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