Disarm and Survive / Power Corrupts LP ORANGE/ RED

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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, 180g orange/ red vinyl, ltd 100, handnumbered, REDRUM from Sacramento, California need no introduction to speed/thrash metal fans. Having released two legendary demos, "Power Corrupts" and "Disarm and Survive" in 1987 and 1988 respectively and their classic full length album "Power Corrupts" in 1989 they marked their names in metallic history as one of the speed bands from the 80's that could have been really big if they kept going. Their music consisted of powerful, razor sharp riffs, imposing vocals and bombastic rhythm section. Thanks to the 80's metal guru Laurent Ramadier we reached an agreement with Michael Parisi, the original drummer and co-founder of the band to release these two classic demos on limited edition vinyl and CD, so stay tuned for a killer reissue that will feature remastered sound, band story and lyrics of all songs plus insert with super cult photos of the past of the band. The reissue comes in deluxe 350gsm sleeve, 180gr vinyl, 2 page insert including lyrics, liner notes, tons of rare photos and black polyline inner sleeve. TRACK LISTING: Side A (Power Corrupts): 1. Random Violence 2. Death in Disneyland 3. Reign of Terror 4. I’m Not Sorry 5. Bloody Mary 6. Blood Sucking Freaks (Live 12/29/85) 7. Sick Pleasures (Live 12/29/85) 8. Deadly Blessings (Live 12/29/85) Side B: (Disarm and Survive) 1. World War III 2. Aftermath 3. Power Corrupts 4. Disarm and Survive 5. Come to Me 6. Commando 7. Into the Ovens 8. Devil’s Cult (Live 12/29/85)

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