The Light is Struck and the Darkness Splits! LP BLACK

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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, black vinyl, gatefold cover, ltd 200, Originally formed under the name APOCALYPSE, the Australian quintet changed their name to REDEEMER in the 80's and released one of the greatest and most sought after Australian heavy metal albums of all time in 1990.Released in Gatefold white vinyl, featuring the amazing artwork of Nick Stathopoulos, a highly acclaimed Australian artist of Greek descent, their one and only album contains high class power metal music, with speed passages, razor sharp riffs by Adam Johnson and Craig Vine, solid rhythm section by Mick Johnson (bass) and Scott Cooper (drums) and the majestic voice of Cindy Grimwood which is one of the great female singers in the style of CHASTAIN, MALTEZE etc.We came in agreement with the band to re-release their music on vinyl, the reissue will feature remastered sound and will be available in March 2020.We want to thank Christine Tsaprouni, Charly Kogler, Cindy Grimwood and Adam Johnson, without whose help nothing would have been possible and last but not least we wish to extend our gratitude for the amazing artist Nick Stathopoulos, who not only gave us permission to include his original painting but he also made additional work for it and provided us with an upgrade of the original painting featuting lively vivid colors that you will totally love..

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