Final Flight & Recipients of Death CD

Vic Records, jewelcase, Recipients of Death was...
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Vic Records, jewelcase, Recipients of Death was a cult thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1986. They released two mini album 'Recipients of Death' in 1988 (7 tracks) and 'Final Flight' in 1990 (5 tracks). Both albums were produced by Dark Angels Eric Meyer who also perfromed some guest lead guitars. Especially for this compilation album release, Recipients of Death wrote and recorded one brand new tracks called 'Death Forever' (2021). Extensive iner notes / intie by Steven Willems (Rock Tribune / Voices From the Darkside). 16 page boklet with many rare and old pictures. Remastered and restorded by Achilleas at Suncourd Audiolab (Possessed, Varathron, Vio Lence)

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