Cada Dia Mais Sujo e Agressivo / Dirty and Aggressive DLP DIE HARD

F.O.A.D. Records, fluo-yellow mixed with blue...
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F.O.A.D. Records, fluo-yellow mixed with blue vinyl with black splattering double vinyl, gatefold, ltd. 150, Official reissue of the devastating 3rd thrash opus by the undisputed godfathers of the most furious and influential Brazilian crossover HC of all eras! DOUBLE LP with both versions recorded at the time (1988): the one sung in Portuguese and the one in English released as "Dirty and aggressive". A lethal overdose of ultra-addictive riffs, vitriolic vocals and a dizzying rhythm session. Deluxe gatefold sleeve with 24"x12" foldout insert collecting rare photos from that era, lyrics in both languages and Igor Cavalera's iconic rat artwork!! After two blistering fast hardcore records ("Crucificados pelo sistema" and "Descanse em paz"), Gordo and his fellow bandmates delivered this great gem of hatred and caustic criticism. This album quickly became legendary, paving the way for "Brasil", their most acclaimed album. Fierce, powerful and greatly written, played and produced, "Cada dia mais sujo e agressivo" is an absolute must-have fo fans of godly good thrashing crossover!

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