Secrets in a Weird World DLP BLUE

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Steamhammer, blue vinyl, gatefold, For the...
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Steamhammer, blue vinyl, gatefold, For the first time the legendary ‘89 album “Secrets In A Weird World” is now going to be released on vinyl with the original cover artwork (it was replaced by the label shortly before the release). On “Secrets In A Weird World” Peavy, Manni & Chris seem to have developed a much more mature and demanding sound and the album can be seen as a transition from the earlier Speed Metal phase towards Power Metal. With the catchy double bass tune "Invisible Horizons", the quartet from Herne (Germany) had released a single from this album for the first time, where the non album track "Law And Order" is also included on the re release. Last but not least there are also demo versions of seven album songs and the unreleased track "Mirror" on the second LP. This new edition is indispensable for RAGE collectors!

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