Fire Blades from the Tomb LP BLACK

Season of Mist, Black 12" vinyl (33rpm) in...
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Season of Mist, Black 12" vinyl (33rpm) in gatefold sleeve printed on unfinished, heavy card stock with gold pantone print. First pressing 450 copies worldwide! Ponte Del Diavolo bridges the gap between two separate worlds. After all, the band are named after the real “Bridge of the Devil”, a pointedly steep road that medieval peasants had to cross on their way to Italy. Though formed out of a friendly jam session, Ponte Del Diavolo already made for quite the eclectic pairing when the five members officially banded together during the winter of 2020 in Turin, the finely cultivated Italian metropolis. Whereas most metal bands are spearheaded by dueling guitars, this one writhes on the slick-yet-scaly back of not one but two bassists. Their debut album, ‘Fire Blades from the Tomb’ forges classic, cultish doom metal with modern bents of post-punk and dark wave. Lead single and opening track “Demone” is whipped along by a boiled black bassline. Heck, you could mistake vocalist Erba del Diavolo for Siouxsie Soux, the way she cooly flips between frantic talk-singing and bleak, seductive croons. Cross over into the Italian dark arts with Ponte Del Diavolo. For fans of ELECTRIC WIZARD, DARKTHRONE, THE DEVIL’S BLOOD, MESSA. Artwork by Aura Negativa.

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