Into the Abyss LP BLACK

Seven Metal Inches Records / Todessehnsucht,...
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Seven Metal Inches Records / Todessehnsucht, black vinyl, alternative cover, ltd. re-issue 2024, The Ulm-based band POISON was probably the first German death metal band to record a series of demos in the mid-1980s, of which "Into the Abyss" was the only album to be released in 1993. More than 30 years later, a characteristic TODESSEHNSUCHT RECORDS edition of this album had to be released in a classic guise but with a new cover. The 12" was pressed on old-school black vinyl, comes in a classy cover sleeve (thick cardboard and inside out print) and inlay. The songs are all remastered and bring the original feel of the pioneering days of the late 80s to the turntable and out of the speakers.

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