Metallic Savage CD

Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, Limited...
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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, Limited to 500 copies. When you hear instrumental guitar CD's, you might be thinking of albums loaded with boring compositions that drag without meaning. This is not the case here. What we're dealing with is a pure beast of an album with razor sharp riffs, fiery solos and in your face arrangements by none other than the axeman of TRÖJAN / TALIÖN, Pete Wadeson, who unlike other metal guitar players, he's able to deliver to the listener a non-stop metallic rifforama that will please even the most demanding fans. For the first time ever, all instrumental pieces of Pete Wadeson that were written within a span of 10 years from the 80's to mid 90's will be available in a deluxe CD edition with remastered sound that does justice to the top music content. This is one of the rare cases that a guitar player is able to deliver such complete instrumental tunes that stand on their own without the need of a singer backing them up. Get ready for one of the most fiercesome sonic assaults you've been exposed to in a while. This is what heavy metal is all band. Class and power!

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